Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How much can BitCoins raise?

Cyprus Crisis Boosting Unique Currency the Bitcoin

At the moment I write this lines, the value of 1 BitCoin is set at 149€ (or 194 US$). Last Friday, 1 BitCoin worth 106€ (or 138 US$). 

At this stage, appointing a target price to BitCoin is pure speculation! I could say 500€ - or 1000€ - or more - or less. If I had BitCoins I wouldn't think to sell until it reach 5000€. 

  • No one sees an end to the Euro Crisis - there's a new impasse in Portugal, there's rumors of a new bank account tax in Cyprus, and Slovenia is probably the next country in need of financial assistance;
  • Investors (and speculators) turned their sight to BitCoins; 
  • There's a limited number of BitCoins;
  • And, probably the most important, almost no one is selling... 

It's the perfect scenario to guarantee that the price of BitCoins will keep raising on the next months. But in a world where everything change at the speed of light (or at the speed of your internet connection) nothing is sure. 

Anyone risks a target price to BitCoin?

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