Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easy Tips to Make Money with Blogs - Part I

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If you are searching for a way to make money with your blog, here you can find some of the most popular ways. When you choose the way that fits better your case, you shall have on account the traffic you go, how old are your blog, etc. Depending on your traffic, blogging skills, and social networks, your blog has a variety of options. You have to find what of this tips below  fits better your blog, to maximize your earnings.

Pay Per Click - PPC - (Adsense, for example) is a program in which you place ads on your blog, and you are paid whenever your visitors click on one of these ads. It is the most popular method bloggers use to make money online. It involves almost no effort and is so incredibly easy. The probability of some of your visitors click on one of your ads increases as the level of traffic grows, and that way the possibility of making money increases too. Other popular services are Chitika, Yahoo!, Bidvertiser, and Adbrite.

Cost Per Mille - CPM - (in Latin mille means thousand) with this advertisement system, you will be paid based on how many times the ads are shown up. This is a very good option for blogs with big traffic; it can also bring good amounts of money to the smallest blogs, but takes a long time. The most important with this monetization method is the numbers of pageviews you can get, not the number of visitors, so it's important that you have a relevant content that captures the attention of readers. Value Click and Tribal Fusion are two popular services to this kind of advertisement service.

Money Widgets - Other very popular advertisement system are those of The Newsroom, WidgetBucks, ScratchBack, or SmartLinks. It's also very simple and easy to use this advertising system. It's based on a widget, that can be easily integrated into your blog’s sidebars. You just have to embed the widget into your sidebar and watch the ads begin.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best ways to make money with your blog

1) Google Adsense - Google Adsense is the easiest and quickest way to start making money with your blog. It is also very simple to set up. But there's a big problem: it must have a lot of traffic to make some money with Adsense.

2) Banner Advertising - You can try to sell your own space to advertisers, but this option is not very good if you're seeking a long term way to monetize your blog. With this option you also need a big traffic and following on your blog to attract the big advertisers.

3) Donations - Asking for a donation does work. If your readers enjoy your content and learn something from it, then they will be more motivated to donate.

4) Sponsored Reviews - Getting paid to write a sponsored review on a product like a perfume or a book, or a website. Some people have issues with this reviews. Well, if you're reviewing some product that is targeted to your blog readers, you're being honest, and you'll review it anyway...

5) Affiliate Marketing - What is Affiliate marketing? Someone has a product, you sell it on your blog, and win a commission. The best of affiliate marketing is that they usually have marketing, website, and costumer service. This is one of the best and faster way to make money with your blog; as long as the product you're selling is targeted to your blog readers, you can get a decent conversion.

6) Selling an eBook - If you're an author you can sell ebooks on your blog. If you're not you can write an e-book about... the way you're making money blogging. Don't forget to tell something new: there are a lot of these ebooks.

7) Merchandise - Selling t-shirts, or other materials, like pens or caps, with your blogs logo can work. Well, if you're a famous, cool, and funny blogger.

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6 ways to invest your money

If you're European, and you have some money in a bank account, you're probably wondering where to put or invest your money. We are living times of uncertainty. Investing is always a risk, so you should always weigh the risks with the probable gains. Here are 10 ways to invest your money:

1) Stocks - Investing in company stocks is one of the most popular ways of investing money. Each share you buy represents a small portion of ownership of the company. It's an investment where you can win quickly, if the value of shares go up, but you can also lose a lot of money if the company does not go well, and the value of shares drops.

2) Banking - Bank accounts are the traditional way of storing cash, and offers you extremely low returns. There are different types of accounts at banks, like personal savings accounts, business savings accounts, personal checking accounts, business checking accounts and Certificates of Deposits. By these days, this is the kind of investment that we are all trying to avoid.

3) Business - Be our own boss is the dream of many of us; to have our own business, means that we could became financially independent and free from hierarchies, but it is an extremely risky investment; there is an huge risk of losing everything. To start your own business, you must do a lot of research, make a business plan and seek advice from others with experience. And, must important of all: what kind of business.

4) Real Estate - Investing in properties is one of the most popular type of investment. Real estate investing can become extremely lucrative if you can buy in the proper locations. You can purchase homes to fix them up and sell them for a higher price, but nowadays it's very difficult to sell in some countries across Europe. Or you can purchase homes to turn around and rent.

5) Commodities - Commodities are physical products like corn, sugar, oil, metals, etc. Don't panic! You don't have to stockpile them at your home. They are traded on exchanges, similar to stocks. This is a high-risk investments because they are exchanged based on futures contracts, so you're betting on costs going up...

6) Metals - Precious metals, such as gold, is another way to invest your money. The value of precious metals rises when other investment values drop. By these days investing in metals seems the most secure way to save your money; although the return is very low, by other way it is very improbable that the value drops. And you can keep it at home! So, if your are mainly concerned on how to keep safe your money, independently of gains, this is the better option! Or you can keep your bank notes under your mattress...

13 steps to win EuroMillions

EuroMillons, Easy Way to Win EuroMillions
(Original source of theses 13 tips)

Many people wonders «How to Win EuroMillions»? Today there is possible to win another huge Jackpot. Here are few steps you shall have on account when you're choosing your lucky numbers:

1) When you are picking numbers, try to get a good combination of odds, evens, highs and lows. The low numbers are the ones that go up to 25, and high numbers are 26 and greater;

2) Playing in society increases the chances of winning, as it increases the number of combinations you can play. But to enter a society, you must be certain that you do it with people you trust; preferably, if you are playing in society, do it with a written agreement;

3) Don't play consecutive numbers. It is extremely rare that 4 or 5 consecutive numbers come out;

4) In a game such as the EuroMillions, where you have to choose five numbers between 50, the sum of the numbers chosen must be between 95 and 160. Sums that are within that range account the majority of draws;

5) Don't choose all numbers from the same numbers' group, like the twenties or thirties, and avoid selections that all end in the same digit.

6) Many people bet on numbers that represents special dates to them, like anniversaries, which means their combinations range from 1 to 31. Try to avoid this combinations. It won't help you win, but combinations with numbers above 31 are less likely to be shared with other winners. If you win, the prize will be potentially greater;

7) You can follow or ignore the tips above: mathematically, all the combinations have the same chances;

8) The probability of hitting the top prize of EuroMillions is 0.0000008581%;

9) The probability of hitting the last prize of EuroMillions prize is 4.38%;

10) The probability of winning a prize on EuroMillions, whatever it is, is 7.69%;

11) If you win the Euromillions be careful with new friends! Free time and good financial position will enable you to have new social relationships. Many winners of big prizes end up losing everything they earned...

12) If you follow these tips and win, feel free to give me a small percentage...

13) Last, but not the least, and after all the most important step to win EuroMillions: don't forget to play. If you don't play, you'll never win!

Good Chance!

(You can find the original source of these tips HERE)