Tuesday, March 26, 2013

13 steps to win EuroMillions

EuroMillons, Easy Way to Win EuroMillions
(Original source of theses 13 tips)

Many people wonders «How to Win EuroMillions»? Today there is possible to win another huge Jackpot. Here are few steps you shall have on account when you're choosing your lucky numbers:

1) When you are picking numbers, try to get a good combination of odds, evens, highs and lows. The low numbers are the ones that go up to 25, and high numbers are 26 and greater;

2) Playing in society increases the chances of winning, as it increases the number of combinations you can play. But to enter a society, you must be certain that you do it with people you trust; preferably, if you are playing in society, do it with a written agreement;

3) Don't play consecutive numbers. It is extremely rare that 4 or 5 consecutive numbers come out;

4) In a game such as the EuroMillions, where you have to choose five numbers between 50, the sum of the numbers chosen must be between 95 and 160. Sums that are within that range account the majority of draws;

5) Don't choose all numbers from the same numbers' group, like the twenties or thirties, and avoid selections that all end in the same digit.

6) Many people bet on numbers that represents special dates to them, like anniversaries, which means their combinations range from 1 to 31. Try to avoid this combinations. It won't help you win, but combinations with numbers above 31 are less likely to be shared with other winners. If you win, the prize will be potentially greater;

7) You can follow or ignore the tips above: mathematically, all the combinations have the same chances;

8) The probability of hitting the top prize of EuroMillions is 0.0000008581%;

9) The probability of hitting the last prize of EuroMillions prize is 4.38%;

10) The probability of winning a prize on EuroMillions, whatever it is, is 7.69%;

11) If you win the Euromillions be careful with new friends! Free time and good financial position will enable you to have new social relationships. Many winners of big prizes end up losing everything they earned...

12) If you follow these tips and win, feel free to give me a small percentage...

13) Last, but not the least, and after all the most important step to win EuroMillions: don't forget to play. If you don't play, you'll never win!

Good Chance!

(You can find the original source of these tips HERE)


  1. Thanks, those are some great tips, do you mind if we will use those on our website?

  2. Thanks for sharing it..That was great tips i will also use in my future..

  3. I won the second prize with these tips! Eternally grateful! Thank you!!!

    1. I won the third prize. Over 250,000€!!!

  4. Just won 35.000 (3rd prize) two weeks ago, with the help of these tips! Thanks pal.

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  6. Ah, you're all so lucky....! :/

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