Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is it the bubble pop? BitCoin is Crashing?

Bitcoins Crash, Bubble pop
After reaching 266USD, Bitcoins are now being traded at 142USD [at Mt.Gox]. Is it the bubble pop? The price of Bitcoins will return to the values of early March - or they'll stabilize on a major price? Will you buy some BitCoins at depressed prices? Sell or hold to see what happens? For those who have bought BitCoins before the spectacular rise in recent weeks, I guess it's a risk worth to take. Those who have bought during the price rise, probably feels panicky - and panic is not a good adviser. The first thing I'd think, if I were in this situation, would be "Can I lose the money that I invested?". If the answer was "No" probably I'll sell while I could win something - or at least minimize losses. If the answer was "Yes", I'll probably bet on a future price rise of BitCoins. That's why it's so important that you only invest money you can afford to lose - otherwise, you'll always be conditioned by your emotions. Although psychologists have demonstrated that there are emotions that allow us to decide - we shouldn't decide based on emotions, but supported on emotions...

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bitcoin: a bubble ready to burst?

Bitcoin, bubble burst

Timothy B. Lee, on Forbes, points four reasons why we shouldn't buy BitCoins:

1) Losses: bitcoins don't have consumer protection; if your bitcoins are lost by the service where you keep them, or stolen by someone, there's no juridical protection.

Well, we know the nature of governmental consumer protection. We saw that protection on the 1930's Roosevelt government, and on the Cyprus Euro Crisis...

2) Regulation: BitCoin is extremely resistant to government regulation.

Oh, that's a problem?!

3) Scaling: There's a limit on the number of BitCoins that can be mined.

4) Lack of applications: "There’s a real question about how useful Bitcoin actually is. We know Bitcoin is popular for drugs and gambling, but does it have uses for more conventional forms of commerce?"

That will change, as more people adopt the new currency...

The actual problem, is to know whether the value of BitCoins will continue to rise. In my opinion, if the Euro crisis continue - and when we look at the Economy of Cyprus, Greece, and Portugal, we have to say "yes" - more and more investors will buy Bitcoins. Those who have Bitcoins, keep them. Those who don't, keep mining. But stay tuned: at any moment, those speculators who came from the Euro - specially on the last month - can leave it at any time... It's a risk that can worth millions...

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sites for Mining BitCoins

If you're looking to start mining BitCoins, there are several sites where you can do it. The easiest way to earn BitCoins quickly is to mine on a pool - mine with other workers, so you can mine Bitcoins faster. Remember, you should invest on good equipment! Here's the list of sites:

Alvarez Pool;
Bitcoincz - Mining;
BTC Guild;
BTC Oxygen;
B Mine;
BTC Warp;
MT Red;
Max BTC;

If you know other BitCoin Mining Pool sites, leave a comment!

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What will happen now with BitCoin?

All over the world, people are talking about BitCoin. It all started when Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on The Cryptography Mailing list at describing the bitcoin protocol, in 2008.

A year later BitCoin came into existence with the release of the first open source bitcoin client and the issuance of the first bitcoins. But the new currency take four years to be known by everyone, and - with the Euro crises - financial speculators turn their sight to this virtual money: the price of BitCoins started to grow spectacularly

But, what will happen now with BitCoin? Will this bubble pop? Are you considering to invest your money on BitCoins? Are you considering to sell your BitCoins?

By the way, if you are interested to monetize your blog, and receive payments on BitCoins, I've found a site for you: CoinURL. Take a look.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Buying Gold to Escape from Bank Accounts

Gold, Gold bars, Investing Money, Metals
Fears about continuing economic instability across the eurozone, exacerbated by the Cyprus bailout, have seen demand for gold soar, according to internet dealer BullionByPost.

The company, which sells and delivers bullion to customers via Royal Mail, said it had seen weekly sales triple to more than £4million in the past two weeks.

It expects to record a turnover of £75million for the year to the end of April, up 40 per cent on the previous year. The company said most of the demand has come from new customers. It also claimed to have been 'inundated' with inquiries from people living in Cyprus wanting to buy gold.

This includes Cypriots and British expats, as well as people living in the UK but with bank accounts in Cyprus. (Source

6 options to invest your money here. Nowadays, gold and another metals seems a good option to invest your money. But when everybody is doing (or think to do) the same thing, what are the risk? Are we facing a gold rush that could lead to a bubble explosion? Be careful. And if you are a lucky one, that bought gold sometime ago, keep alert - the time to sell could be near.